Manchester Metropolitan University – Birley Fields Campus

Project Location:

Birley Fields, MMU, Manchester

BMS System Fitted:


Linear Control Systems installs BMS at Manchester University’s Birley Fields:

Linear Control Systems have recently completed the installation of the building management system at a project which is part of the Manchester Metropolitan University Birley Fields Campus.

Birley Fields is the final stage of a £350m investment in new campus facilities for Manchester Metropolitan University. It is the largest construction project in Manchester Metropolitan University’s 10-year plan to consolidate their estate; from seven campus locations to two, which they will look to have completed by 2014.

The BMS at Birley Fields comprimises more than 4,000 points, IP based, Modbus & BacNet, integrated onto the university head & over the web. A user friendly graphical representation was designed and configured in house by Linear application engineers.

Built with the environment & the students in mind

Designed by architects Sheppard Robson and Goodard Wybor Practice Ltd, Birley Fields is an inspiring building. Facilities available on the ground floor have been made available for community use, in addition to being highly accommodating for the students.

Birley Fields was built with the environment in mind and Linear Control Systems played a major role in making the campus eco-friendly by installing & maintaining an efficient Building Management System (BMS). Cylon was the preferred building energy management solution by the university. Linear Controls have been working closely with Cylon and the University over many years and have an exceptional knowledge of the product and site.

Over the years, Linear Controls have completed various projects at Manchester Metropolitan University, working alongside Robert McAlpine & NG Baileys.

Working in partnership with everyone involved in the construction of Birley Fields Campus, as well as the students and the public utilising the facilities, Linear have created a sustainable university which goes beyond being carbon neutral and has a positive environmental impact.

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