BMS Service & Maintenance.

If you look after your BMS, your BMS will look after you!

Carefully planned and preventative maintenance operations will ensure that you do not get caught out at a time that matters the most!

Remember, a well-maintained working environment will not only create the right impression; it will also improve employee efficiency and bring down your overall operational costs.

Let’s face it; there is little point in installing a building management system if you fail to look after it properly.

Properly maintaining your BMS will ensure your building management system provides optimal energy control and monitoring abilities!

You won’t find anybody as committed to ensuring the continuous operation and optimum performance of your building management system.

Why choose Linear Control Systems as your BMS Maintenance Partner?

Here at Linear Control Systems we offer service and maintenance contracts on building management systems installed by third parties in addition to installations designed and project-managed by ourselves.

We offer preventative, reactive, 24/7 call outs and 3rd Party bureau monitoring services.

Prevent, rather than cure.

Why react to a problem once it has already ensued when you can prevent it from happening in the first place? Our maintenance service will help significantly reduce amount of defects within a building and the severity of those that do occur. We make this happen by frequently controlling a schedule of pre-defined tasks to identify problems before they occur.

The benefits a BMS Service contract with the right maintenance partner can have on your bottom line are significant. We believe there are many advantages to having the right service contract in place for your building management system.

Key advantages of a BMS Service Contract

Save energy and improve carbon footprint with focused and reactive maintenance
Downtime is significantly reduced as the majority of problems can be fixed remotely
Optimum BMS performance ensures operating costs are minimised
Lower overall maintenance costs through regular servicing
Quicker attendance and resolution of issues when under contract

If our maintenance operations identify issues that are not immediately fixable, our team of professional engineers will create and adopt an effective action plan to ensure the issue is resolved as quickly as possible. So rest assured you are in safe hands with Linear Control Systems Ltd!

Ongoing BMS/BEMS Maintenance

Here at Linear Control Systems Ltd, our maintenance reports will provide an accurate picture of how your building management system is operating. The report will highlight your BMS performance and identify any potential problems with fine clarity. Such clarity & detail allows us to highlight areas of concern quickly and easily, leaving you to focus your time and efforts on other more important business matters.

As with all of our services, our maintenance facility can be tailored around your specific needs ensuring the exact requirements of your business are dealt with most effectively. In addition to this, our experienced team can examine appropriate BMS operation between planned preventive maintenance visits; in order to identify any areas of concern that may impact the comfort of your occupants or result in unnecessary, excess energy usage.

How it all Works

Our skilled BMS engineers will connect to your on-site building management system in order to access and remotely analyse the system data. The results are compiled into a report, detailing issues that can be resolved immediately and issue that require attention on a PPM (planned preventive maintenance) visit. Faults that can be resolved remotely are rectified immediately and all other outstanding issues are generated within a report.

This report will then be handed to one of our field engineers, who can prioritise the maintenance schedule in order to repair any faulty equipment or address any areas of concern. By having this report, our field engineers are guaranteed to arrive at your site with any parts that are needed, thus reducing unnecessary downtime and return visits.

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