Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility, otherwise referred to as CSR, should be of great concern to all businesses.

CSR is all about managing your business in such a way that it enriches the positives and reduces the negatives in terms of economic, environmental and social impact.

Our stakeholders are vital to the success of our business, which is of course to deliver effective BEMS through highly skilled employees that provide our clients with commercially viable solutions.

Linear Control Systems in the Community.

For us here at Linear Controls Ltd, CSR means a lot more than just writing a donation cheque to a local charity.

We are completely dedicated to being a responsible contributing member of society, as well as hoping to establish strong relationships with our local community. Charitable giving is always welcome and promoted here at Linear Controls Ltd, but we also aim to make a difference through local participation and corporate activities.

Linear Control Systems and our Environment.

We fully understand that all companies and businesses should act with nothing but respect and careful consideration for the world around us.

Linear Control Systems has a strategy in place to significantly reduce our impact on the environment, including the reduction of waste and energy usage.

We encourage all of our team members to research and consider the effect our actions have on the natural environment.

People & Diversity at Linear Control Systems

In order for Linear Control Systems Ltd to be a commercial success, we need to attract and retain the most suitable and talented individuals in their respective fields of expertise. Not just that though, we also need to provide a healthy environment that is both welcoming and supportive, promoting personal well-being.

Here at Linear Control Systems Ltd we aim to:

Operate with the highest levels of professional integrity

Create a safe and healthy working environment

Invest in development and training

Ensure equality and diversity of opportunity

Recognise and reward the contribution that our people make

Save money and the planet with BEMS.

Linear Control Systems are experts in Building Energy Management System design, installation and maintenance.