Energy Saving Surveys.

Promoting Smarter Energy Usage through Energy Consumption Consultancy

Linear Control Systems’ energy saving surveys & consultancy service can help you to gain a more complete picture concerning your building’s overall energy consumption.

This simple yet effective audit report is carried out by a professional engineer and will provide you with accurate findings and statistics related to your business’ energy use. The report will detail any adjustments made by the engineer on the day of the visit and will also include our professional recommendations on how to facilitate further improvements moving forward.

Energy consumption – covering all bases

Our continued involvement working with intelligent building management systems designed to optimise the amount of energy consumed by todays buildings puts us in a unique position to offer impartial advice on the best system and framework to suit your requirements. Linear Controls are recognised systems integrators for some of the worlds most advanced building management systems, yet we remain impartial to all of the options available which allows us to offer practical, honest advice about which BEMS / BMS would best suit your project.

Although our energy saving consultancy service may result in the recommendation for a new intelligent BMS, which can be fully designed, project-managed and installed by Linear Control Systems, we are also highly capable optimising and maintaining existing systems.

Here at Linear Control Systems Ltd, our energy saving surveys will cover all bases in terms of your company’s energy consumption. Every aspect of consultancy will be analysed and reported on, including:

  • Renewable energy installations
  • Flexible speed drives
  • BMS upgrades
  • Employee engagement displays
  • Pipe insulation
  • Boiler replacements and much, much more!

Linear Control Systems – Putting your energy consumption data to good use!

With all of this information we are able to provide professional advice and consultation on the most beneficial energy solutions for your site.

The aim of our energy consumption consultancy will always remain the same – helping to reduce overall energy consumption, operational costs and improving the environmental impact of your building(s). The knock-on effect of this is a positive impact on both your company image and your bottom line!

Quick and simple business energy survey

Contact Linear Control Systems today for more information on our energy saving surveys and consultancy service and let us help you start saving money and the environment through the implementation of smarter building automation technologies.

We’ll use our collected data to calculate your company’s energy rating, running costs and environmental impact. Then together we will assess and decide how you can improve your carbon footprint and energy efficiency, making your business more environmentally acceptable through the implementation of a smart building energy management system (BEMS).

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Let Linear Control Systems help you start saving money and the environment through the implementation of smarter building automation technologies.