Energy Monitoring & Targeting.

Smarter monitoring & targeting of energy with Linear Controls

Automatic Energy Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) services provide key stakeholders with an abundance of data regarding energy consumption patterns within their portfolio of properties. As the equipment facilitating accurate monitoring and targeting of energy within todays intelligent buildings has become more accessible, the demand for ultimate efficiency amongst todays buildings & facilities managers has increased.

Through effective monitoring & targeting of energy consumption, Linear Control Systems can help you to reduce overall energy costs at your business, minimise greenhouse gas emissions and improve both your carbon footprint and company image.

Why choose Linear Control Systems for your Energy Monitoring & Targeting?

Although energy monitoring & targeting primarily concerns the collection and reporting of energy usage data, it is perhaps the interpretation of this data and how it is used to influence key decision makers within an organisation that is the most critical factor. The role of monitoring & targeting within energy management is not just to measure and maintain performance, but also to enable the identification of opportunities for reducing both consumption and cost.

Energy monitoring & targeting was a phrase first coined in the 1980’s, however rapid technological developments in the field of building automation systems and application controllers has meant that now virtually every aspect of your buildings energy usage can be monitored, analysed and reported on to a high level of detail.

The benefits of Energy Monitoring & Targeting (M&T):

  • Control energy usage continuously
  • Achieve energy consumption & cost savings
  • Reduce environmental impact of energy usage
  • Accurately assess energy projects / plant acquisition
  • Identify & explain excessive energy usage
  • Develop targets for energy management programs

The key components of Energy Monitoring & Targeting (M&T)

Energy monitoring & targeting exists as a service because you cannot manage what you’re not measuring! In order for todays property portfolio manager or facilitates managers to properly manage energy consumption it is critical to adopt energy monitoring & targeting services. Such a service is particularly beneficial when managing buildings across multiple sites or where large buildings contain multiple divisions or business units operating within.

Energy monitoring & targeting requires the following components all working in sync to be most effective:

Fuel meters & sensors  collect data on energy consumption at field level. Typically, modern energy meters will provide an output signal which represent an increment of energy consumption. The output from the energy meter is inputted to a data acquisition unit. Usually, a site utilising monitoring & targeting will have at least two main meters; one to account for electricity, the other accounting for gas / oil usage.

The data acquisition unit receives and archives energy usage data from the installed meters and sensors. An example of such data could include temperature, humidity levels and pressure.

The network allows communication between installed data acquisition units and the central computer. Communication networks can be both wired & wireless.

The central computer is where all collected data is reported back to for interpretation. Analysis is used to create reports which will ultimately enable more informed decisions to be taken by key stakeholders.

Get constant feedback & insightful reporting on your energy consumption

Linear Control Systems understands that energy monitoring & targeting is an ongoing process; one which requires constant feedback & insightful reporting to facilitate consistent improvements where energy consumption is concerned.

If you require a more complete picture of your energy consumption patterns in order to bring about meaningful change and lower energy related operating costs talk to Linear Control Systems about energy monitoring and targeting today!

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