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Linear Control Systems Ltd, in conjunction with Ardmac & Key have completed a large upgrade of the legacy site wide building management system (BMS) at the landmark 1 City Square building, Leeds. The overall purpose of carrying this out was to provide the end client with a fully functional smart building controls system, which could provide optimal comfort for tenants, whilst providing energy savings throughout.

Ardmac began this project by approaching Linear Control Systems Ltd within their supply chain, to carry out site surveys / validations of the building to ascertain what items of legacy plant needed to be upgraded or integrated and to see where improvements could be made to the overall system.

LCSL attended site on multiple occasions to backup and review the site controls software strategy. This was done to allow specialist controls engineers to delve into the software and begin to create a site survey of where implementations could be made, not only save on site running costs, but to reduce plant running times, which in turn leads to lower energy bills, but also leads to plant life duration been extended on site. They also looked at where possible benefits for both tenants and landlords could be provided and began to produce a site condition report from this.

BEMS Description

After the survey report was completed, providing the client with all recommendations found and what could be done to improve the control of the building, LCSL began to carry out validation works. The validation works were carried out to compile a complete list of what items of plant could be retained and utilised / integrated as part of the works carried out and what needed to be replaced / upgraded to ensure correct control and efficiency were been met.

A comprehensive report and equipment schedules were then issued to the client, compromising all elements of work that were needed to be carried out.

Following the items been issued, LCSL and Ardmac then attended multiple meetings with the site consultants and end client to ascertain what their vision was for the overall completed project. LCSL then began to formula a points schedule and equipment schedule for what the client required and produced sample graphics and schematics to show what the finished system would look like.

The building originally had obsolete Trend IQ2 controllers fitted, which were running on an old 4-20mA LAN network. This meant that if any controller were to fail this had the possibility to disrupt or terminate the entire network. LCSL proposed a strategy of using BACnet open -protocol Siemens controllers throughout site. LCSL then explained that by implementing these controllers, the network integrity be maintained if one controller were to fail.

As the upgrade of the BMS was utilising the existing Trend 963 front end graphical interface, which was not part of the works to be replaced, only to be modified for the works. LCSL have chosen the VE route as this was still compatible to integrate onto the legacy front end graphics and can integrate onto the existing site backbone not affecting floor plates / areas already tenanted which were not part of the contracted works.

Smart controllers using KNX 2 wire interface connection built into the new controllers was then used to add in room display control units which house smart technology to set back the units into eco mode when not in use, set the units back to the original setpoint after been altered each day and to shut down at the allotted time schedules via the front end PC, but then allow tenants if required out of hours a local 1 hour boost function.

The latest energy saving eco strategy control has then been implemented working on both supply / extract temperature sensors, local to each unit and the outside air temperature sensors.

All fan coil units have been retro fitted on site with new smart controllers, pressure independent control valves and actuators and temperature sensors.

A full demonstration and training were provided to the client to allow for client input and changes and to ensure the full remit of the project has been encompassed. Any alterations were carried out to the clients request and LCSL / Ardmac ensure client satisfaction before handover of the system.

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