Building Management Systems – Design & Install

Founded in 2005, Linear Controls have been at the forefront of building management system design and installation for a decade, implementing advanced building automation technology on a number of high profile public and private sector new build & redevelopment projects.

  • BMS & BEMS design, installation and project management
  • Building management system consultancy service available
  • Not seeing any payback / tangible benefits from your BMS? Talk to us…
  • LCSL Work with all the leading, internationally recognisable systems
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Building Management Systems by Linear Control Systems

BMS Service & Maintenance

The benefits a BMS Service contract can have on your bottom line are likely to be significant. Linear Control Systems offer service & maintenance contracts tailored to your individual requirements. We can service and maintain building management systems installed by third parties, in addition to systems designed and installed by ourselves.

  • Service & maintenance contracts available on third party system installations
  • Effective, targeted and cost effective maintenance agreements
  • Service & maintenance contracts tailored to your specific requirements
  • Optimum BMS performance ensures ongoing operating costs are minimised
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BMS Service & Maintenance

Electrical Installations

Linear Control Systems provision complete building management systems solutions; offering both bespoke BMS design and full electrical installation of the system. We’re proud to have supported a number of leading UK contractors on new, sustainable building developments through professional, timely BMS installations.

  • All control solutions thoroughly tested prior to dispatch & installation
  • Dedicated, professional and highly experienced installation team
  • Electrical installations feature hardware from leading international suppliers
  • Cylon, Distech Controls, Siemens & Tridium hardware installations supported
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Electrical Installations by Linear Control Systems

Energy Monitoring & Targeting Services

Energy Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) services allow key stakeholders with feedback on operating practices, quantifiable results relating to energy efficiency schemes and accurate guidance on energy consumption levels over a certain period of time. Such feedback allows for improved energy efficiency & better energy management control.

  • Identify & properly explain excessive usage
  • Visualise consumption patterns (daily, weekly, seasonal etc.)
  • Learn how driving factors influence consumption & plan accordingly
  • Manage energy consumption rather than accept as a fixed cost
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Energy Meter Electricity - Monitoring & targeting

Energy Saving Surveys

The aim of our energy consumption consultancy is to help reduce overall energy usage, operational costs and minimise the environmental impact of your building(s). Linear Control Systems are highly experienced with building automation technologies and smarter monitoring & targeting of energy usage.

  • Consultancy available on new & existing systems
  • Accurate findings relating to your business’ energy usage
  • Consultancy available on renewable energy installations
  • Employee engagement displays
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Energy Saving Light Bulb White

More about what we do

Linear Control Systems Ltd is one of the UK`s leading providers of energy management solutions. We utilise our expert energy management knowledge to install, maintain and support building management systems (BMS) all across the country.

In business, image is everything. As time goes on, the image of a company is becoming more and more influenced by its environmental impact. Here at Linear Control Systems Ltd we can effectively reduce your carbon footprint; helping to save the environment, lower tax costs and help with maintaining a positive company image.

Together, we can liberate essential funds and eliminate costs to help your business grow and flourish.

Not shy of introducing new technology and innovations into our energy management offerings, we are a big advocate for keeping abreast with the latest scientific advances within our projects. Alongside this, we have a proven track record in providing legacy expertise in all areas of building energy management systems.

With an extensive client list, containing some of the country’s most recognisable public & private sector companies, we have experience in providing for large complex estates and single building projects too. No matter the size of your building(s), Linear Control Systems Ltd can help you to cut back on energy consumption and all of the associated costs that come with operational functions.

In order to ensure we are able to deliver such sustainable savings, we provide unrivalled levels of support, from end to end. Whether you need product management or simply require on-going service support, we are here to support you every step of the way.

We work with a number of recognised building management systems and software framework developers which puts us in a strong position to design, install & maintain the building energy management system for your project.

Should you have any further questions relating to building management systems, or if you wish to learn more about how energy efficiency and sustainability can improve your bottom line, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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