Project Description

Harewood Estate Looks to Sustainable Future with Biomass Energy

Harewood House is officially known as one of the Treasure Houses of England, sitting comfortably at the heart of Yorkshire.

Built in the 18th century, the building houses fine art collections equalling the finest throughout the UK and is set against the backdrop of the stunning Yorkshire landscape.

The area consists of contemporary art exhibitions, award-winning educational departments, a bird garden and 100 acres of rolling greenery for visitors to discover.

Harewood House has been listed as a Grade I listed building, meaning Linear Controls were required to take extra care when working with this client’s premises.

  • Harewood House, Leeds
  • Harewood Estate Biomass Plant, Leeds
  • Harewood House, Leeds

Harewood House Biomass Project

Linear Control Systems Ltd have completed phase one of the Harewood House Biomass Project.

This consisted of the Electrical Installation and commissioning, software and user friendly graphical interface of the Open network BEMS. Further project phases are planned which will incorporate both the main building and surrounding parts of the Harewood Estate.