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Harewood Estate Looks to Sustainable Future with Biomass Energy

Harewood House is officially known as one of the Treasure Houses of England, sitting comfortably at the heart of Yorkshire.

Built in the 18th century, the building houses fine art collections equalling the finest throughout the UK and is set against the backdrop of the stunning Yorkshire landscape.

The area consists of contemporary art exhibitions, award-winning educational departments, a bird garden and 100 acres of rolling greenery for visitors to discover.

Linear Control Systems are proud to have been heavily involved in all 3 phases of updating the energy management solution at the Harewood Estate. Learn more below.

Harewood House has been listed as a Grade I listed building, meaning Linear Controls were required to take extra care when working with this client’s premises.

Harewood House Biomass Project

Construction completed in 1771, the grade 1 listed building, offered many challenges to Linear Controls, but working meticulously with the Estate department and trust, a seamless encapsulated system was developed and delivered.

The BEMS is a Tridium system, communicating over fibre, Ethernet and wireless communications protocols to control and monitor from a central station located in the facilities office, on the estate.

The system briefly comprises of a 500kw biomass boiler, one of the largest in Yorkshire, with secondary biomass and standby oil boilers, thermal stores. Providing district heating to the estate and House.

Linear Controls Complete Phase Two at Harewood House

After undertaking the successful installation of the south stand Building Energy Management System during the summer of 2015, Linear Control Systems have installed and are currently finalising the commissioning for the third phase of the Building Energy Management System for the west stand at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol.

Both building management systems are based on the Niagara AX frame work.

The BEMS will control the varied range of the plant to provide the facilities team total control of the ground and will be used to ensure the heating and ventilation plant operates as efficiently as possible.

Linear Controls Complete Phase Three at Harewood House

Following on from the two successful phases of the energy centre and the house projects. Linear Control Systems have recently completed a further refurbishment of the stables block. This was incorporated via district heating from the main energy centre to the new sub plantroom. This then fed out into the stables block providing energy efficient heating.

Linear Controls have fitted wireless sensors in the main house to control the temperature and humidity throughout. This was done using WEMS wireless technology, interfacing with the existing Tridium front end. This was done as a solution to not disturbing the building fabric. Meaning as a company we didn’t have to drill or install any new cables around the house, keeping distribution to the public, occupants and building fabric minimal.

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