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Molineux Stadium has been the home of Wolverhampton Football Club since 1889. The stadium is renowned for being the first ‘new build’ stadium of its kind in the history of the football league. This magnificent stadium was one of the first to install floodlights and was responsible for hosting some of the first ever European club games back in the 50s. By the time the 90s arrived, Molineux became one of the biggest stadiums in the UK with a multi-million pound renovation project.

In May 2010, club directors announced further development plans to rebuild two sides of the entire stadium before the start of the 2014-15 season. This investment would see the capacity of the ground increase to 36,000.

The first stage of this project was completed before the beginning of the 2012-13 season. Now there are talks of expanding even further in the future, with plans to increase the capacity to around 50,000.

Supporting the Molineux Stadium Redevelopment Project

Here at Linear Controls Ltd, we were extremely honoured and pleased to be involved with the entire expansion project for the Molineux stadium. Supporting all of the construction companies involved in the project, we were able to contribute massively to this wonderful venture. The project itself has been planned in four stages:

Stage One: The demolition of the Stan Cullis stand to make way for a new two-tier stand, complete with museum, mega-store, hospitality facilities and café. This phase was carried out by the Buckingham Group and supported by Linear Controls Ltd.

Stage Two: The re-building of the Steve Bull stand has recently been put on hold due to the football club’s desire to focus their attention on their academy system. The eventual completion of stage two will see investment increase above £40million.

Stage Three: This stage is subject to finance and demand. The plan involves building a top-tier on the Jack Harris stand, which will connect up to the new Steve Bull stand; bringing the capacity to 38,000.

Stage Four: To finish the stadium off, there are talks of redeveloping the Billy Wright stand so that the overall capacity reaches 50,000. This stage is only a potential investment at this present time and has not been planned for, nor has planning permission being submitted (at time of writing).

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