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A Building Management System (BMS), otherwise known as a Building Energy Management System (BEMS), is a computer-controlled system that is installed within a building to control and monitor its mechanical and electrical equipment.

Building Automation Control - BMS

Installing such equipment helps management ensure optimum comfort for employees across multiple locations remotely; controlling conditions while simultaneously monitoring and intelligently managing energy consumption easier and more effectively than ever before!

Building Management System equipment typically includes field level controllers which are capable of remotely communicating with multiple devices responsible for various different areas of building operations.

The modern building comes with sophisticated energy monitoring capabilities, allowing key stakeholders to have control over consumption like never before. Linear Control Systems have designed, installed and maintain building management systems both as part of new building projects and during key redevelopment work. We have both public & private sector experience, helping a wide range of organisations realise true efficiency where energy control and monitoring are concerned.

BMS control & monitoring capabilities include:

  • Ventilation & Heating

  • Lighting

  • Power Systems

  • Fire Systems

  • Security Systems

  • Lifts, Elevators etc.

A BMS will consist of both hardware and software. The latter, usually configured in a hierarchical manner, can be proprietary; using such protocols as Profibus, C-bus and so on. Vendors are also producing BMS that integrate using Internet protocols and open standards such as DeviceNet, SOAP, BACnet, XML, Modbus and LonWorks.

Linear Control Systems are approved to work with technology from some of the leading manufacturers of BMS hardware and have the technical capability to deal competently with software from a number of leading framework developers.

Leading Building Management System hardware and software providers…


Cylon Controls

Distech Controls

Distech Controls

Siemens Building Technologies





Typical Characteristics of Building Management Systems (BMS)

You are more than likely to find Building Management Systems implemented in large buildings with extensive electrical, mechanical, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) and plumbing systems.

Systems linked to a BMS commonly represent around 40% of a building’s total energy usage; if lighting is included, this number will approach up to and in excess of 70%! BMS systems are vitally important in order to effectively manage energy demand; they monitor and control the amount of energy consumed by the devices within your building.

Having this control allows you to better optimise your output while the data reported back, including energy usage patterns and anomalies, enables you to identify problems leading to unnecessary energy usage quicker than ever before.

Typical Building Management System Architecture

Typical Bms Architecture

Reduce Energy Consumption Without Sacrificing Comfort

Here at Linear Controls Ltd, we offer you energy management systems for all building types and sizes. You even have the option to integrate a wide choice of different building control disciplines into one system; including heating, air conditioning, ventilation & lighting controllers.

There are many people and businesses who benefit from building management technology, from property owners & maintenance companies through to tenants & employees. Some of the main benefits of BMS are listed below:

Tenants / Employees

Property Owners

  • Increased control over internal conditions

  • Individual room control possible

  • Improved monitoring & targeting of energy

  • Boast greener credentials

Property Owners

  • Flexibility in regards to building use
  • Higher rents can be achieved
  • Centralised & remote control / monitoring
  • Time & cost savings offering quick payback

Facilities Managers

  • Information on usage readily available
  • Automatic maintenance sheduling 
  • Optimum utilisation of maintenance staff
  • Identifying issues early = happier occupants

With easily accessible features such as centralised energy management and highly efficient energy saving functions you will achieve significant cost and energy savings almost immediately following the installation of an intelligent building management system.

Continuous savings and ongoing optimisation of energy usage can be achieved through regular BMS servicing and maintenance of your installation, which is also something Linear Control Systems can offer to compliment our full system design and installation services. Additionally, we can assist with meter and target monitoring of existing BMS installations ensuring that you’re making the best out of any hardware already owned and in place.

The case for energy efficiency and promoting green, sustainable credentials have never been greater for businesses, which is why more and more are turning to advanced Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) to help manage the process easily yet highly effectively.

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