More about Tridium

Tridium is the worldwide leader in automation infrastructure technology, device-to-enterprise integration solutions, energy management and open platforms.

The way in which our devices and systems connect to one another has fundamentally changed for the better in recent times, driven largely by Tridums’s framework architecture and wide range of building automation and security related products.

Tridium’s platforms allow approved system integrators such as Linear Control Systems to build and manage complex control, monitoring and automation solutions.

Solutions facilitated by Tridium’s market leading products and software platform include applications for:

  • Building Control
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Automation
  • Facility Management
  • Physical Security

  • HVAC Control
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy Information Systems
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart Services

Tridium allows energy management information to be seamlessly exchanged with various application packages to enable effective and efficient service and management of buildings. Tridium are renowned for facilitating ‘the intelligent building’, where energy management control and information is highly accessible across a number of internet enabled devices.

An example of Tridium Building Management System architecture

Building Management System Architecture - Tridium

More about Tridium’s Frameworks

BMS application development across Tridium’s frameworks has helped to provide lower energy costs for high profile buildings, minimising risk by providing installations which are interoperable with a plethora of devices.

Tridium are also known for supporting the first open source development framework used for building automation processes in The Sedona Framework™.

The two main Tridium frameworks include:

The Niagara Framework®

The Niagara Framework®

A software platform to integrate diverse systems and devices irrespective of their manufacturer. This unified platform can be easily controlled in real time over the Internet using an ordinary web browser. Niagara is helping to create better buildings; smarter buildings that use less energy and are more efficient with much lower operating costs.

The Sedona Framework™

The Sedona Framework™

This is the first open source development framework to hit the building management systems market. It provides a solid software platform for deploying, developing, integrating and managing device applications at ground level. This framework allocates decision making controls to any device and delivers connectivity to the network.

Linear Control Systems are highly experienced working with Tridium building management systems and are proud to feature on the approved Tridium system integrators list.

Learn more about how Linear Control Systems has utilised an open architecture Tridium framework at iceSheffield. Working as the mechanical and electrical services contractor on the HVAC installation, Linear Controls included Tridium’s established NIAGARA Framework™ as part of the solution and continues to maintain the system today.

If you’re considering a Tridium solution as part of your building automation project, talk to Linear Control Systems today; we can plan, design, install & maintain a highly effective solution utilising tried-and-tested Tridium technologies.

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